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Founded & managed by Dr. Alison Trachtman Hill, CI4Y helps youth & adults navigate the complex, ever-changing nature of family life. 

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CI4Y is thrilled to offer our brand new e-course, From the Golden to the Platinum Rule: Why Empathy Matters & How to Get More of It.  This important learning is geared toward parents with children of all ages, and can be consumed online, on-demand, on any mobile device or desktop computer.  It contains information, tools,  and strategies to increase respectful communication, connection and harmony within families.  The course concludes with an  interactive self-assessment exercise that provides learners with a customized snapshot of their knowledge. Click here to purchase our course at our new-launch price!

We are already hard at work on our next e-course, Parenting Teens in the Digital Age. Click here to get on our wait list, which also gets you pre-launch pricing!